Roll 25: Old Diana in Denmark

Sometimes I see a shot taken on a toy camera that I like, but most of the time they just look like ..well…moving on-

Because of this I have not been inspired drop $50+ on a Holga or Diana because really, I could smear oil on any lens. Then, a week before our trip to Denmark I stumbled on an original Diana for $5 and couldn’t resist the voices. I did my best to get into the spirit of the toy camera and had fun with it. Here are my favorite blurry, mushy, smeared oops sorry, “dreamy” images.

The best thing about this camera is that you don’t need to spend time messing with tuning the scanner settings or touching the images up in post. If something doesn’t look “right”, its supposed to be that way!


Very old buildings in Denmark

Helsingor, DK

Pond with church in background


Dasnish street scene

Sydhavn, School Children

Long exposure with sparkler

Uncle Ole with a Sparkler

blurry black and white image of a Danish town

Helsingor with Flags

In the end I decided its not so bad, I actually like some of these enough to print them. Will I use the camera again?  Dunno.

6 thoughts on “Roll 25: Old Diana in Denmark

  1. haha! I love the results, regardless. I feel ya though. Toy cameras really force one to let go of control. Which I think can be good least for me.


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