Week #22: the crappy photos

Nothing wrong about the Pentax Pino 35.  Well the name is funny but that’s not wrong.  When I shot an expired roll of color film in it, just for testing that this basic camera still functions as it was supposed to, I didn’t have much hope anyway.  I developed it as black and white (as you do) just for seeing what it might give.  So this is what you get for week 22… Again, nothing wrong but…  OK at least I like the grain that I got.  That’s probably not the camera’s fault though.

So this was shot with a basic point & shoot camera, the Pentax Pino 35 which features a fix-focus 38mm f/4 lens, a fixed shutter speed, and a user-selectable aperture (sunny, cloudy…)  The film was from my very expired stash of C-41 ISO400 (that I attempted to expose at roughly ISO 100) and was developed in Rodinal.  As usual this gives unprintable but somewhat scannable negatives and I had to enhance the exposure and contrast quite a bit after that.

7 thoughts on “Week #22: the crappy photos

  1. I have a few of those experimental photos that were fun for the moment that I took them but …meh … when I got them back. Isn’t that sport of film? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.


    • I sometimes do that with very cheap and/or expired color negative films. I use the HP5 times as a starting point, or else I dip them semi-stand for 30-60 minutes in R09 1+100. The resulting negatives are very dense (you have to shine a light to view anything through). The color dyes are not developed or eliminated by the B/W processing so they just stay in there. A scanner can somewhat get the image though. The grainy/gritty look in this case is also due to the age of the film and the fact that it was an ISO 400 film initially.


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