Roll 31 – impossible fun

Several of my friends are into Impossible film right now and I have really loved seeing their results. I was at the film dealer store, staring into the freezer, trying to decide what to get. I stared at the boxes of color 4×5 sheet film for awhile, deciding if I wanted to fork out the cash. Then my eye traveled down to the row of instant film. The Impossible film caught my attention and in my head I was deciding which one I wanted to gamble my money away on. Did I want the sheet film? Or the instant film? I decided on the Impossible film.

I put the pack in my old Polaroid and immediately wasted a shot by accidentally clicking the shutter button. Then I packed the camera in my bag and took it with me to the lake. Here are a couple of shots I was happy with.

I think, in the end, I realized why I never buy Impossible film. I went through this same disappointment two years ago when I was first lured by its siren song. I am left with the same words as I was then: “I don’t know.”

7 thoughts on “Roll 31 – impossible fun

  1. I like Impossible films, it really does depend on the camera. I found that my old SX-70s just don’t cut it anymore. However the 600 and Spectra cameras are topnotch with their most recent formulas.


  2. I’ve never had luck with the film, but when the traveling Impossible Airstream was in town I bought the new film. I still haven’t used it. I don’t find instant film easy to use out in the field. Where do you put it while it is developing and drying?


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