Roll 32: The Marina in the Desert

Sometimes my work day sends me out on expedition across town and then leaves me with some free time inbetween activities.   A while ago, I had some extra time before a meeting and decided to detour to the Sparks Marina.   This is a big lake/marina thing in the middle of Sparks, NV.   Sparks is the neighboring suburb of Reno to the east that usually brings about the joke that “Reno is so close to Hell you can see Sparks.”   (puh-dump… ching!)

Anyway, the Sparks Marina has an odd history that is kind of like making lemonade out of a flood of bad lemons.  This lake was once a gravel pit that they built a freeway next to … and … then, it flooded.   Yup.   Mother Nature had her way here.   In 1997, a nice winter dumped plenty of snow in the mountains and then it rained.   And rained some more.   The underground aquifer was full and some (maybe) bad engineering flooded the gravel pit.   On a side note, there is a tank farm on the other side of the freeway here.   You know, for gas and oil.   Ya, you guessed it … it leaked.  So, the flood situation was a grade-A mess.   After the legal stuff finished and all of that was settled, all of the parties involved ended up with this big lake and a decent park.   Strangely enough, they put fish in it so people even catch and eat them.   I doubt that’s a good idea but what do I know?

For whatever it’s worth, the “marina” is now a decent place to go for a walk, enjoy the water and have special events.   I’ll take that any day over a gravel pit.




It was a quite weekday morning.   Not much happening here.




There was a handsome group of fellows having a little band practice when I walked by the gazebo.   They played very well … all different styles of music.   Nice break for a Tuesday morning.


These photos were shot with my Canon SureShot 90u on Fuji Superia X-tra 400.   It’s a nice, little camera with easy auto features for quick, pocket-sized adventures

6 thoughts on “Roll 32: The Marina in the Desert

  1. As usual, very nice shots, Ginger, but I wouldn’t eat those fish, either! I feel sorry for the fish that are those fish. They probably have three fins or worse, scales and fur. Something scary like that.


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