Roll 33: Best in the West Rib Cook Off

The handy-dandy EXA and a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 went on another festival adventure.   This time we went to Sparks, NV, for the annual Best in the West Rib Cook Off.   Woo-hooo!   Every Labor Day weekend, the grillers, smokers and masses of humanity gather to consume as many beef ribs as their bowels can stand.   Full gluttony on exhibit here, folks.     A perfect time to take out a film camera for some ‘street’ shots, right??    I think this might be exactly why I love the EXA so much.   It is unassuming and since the viewfinder is on top, no one thinks you are taking a photo.   Well, actually, no one thinks you are taking a photo because you aren’t holding a phone up in front of your face but that’s a different story.    I had a good time with the EXA.   And, yes, I had some ribs and all kinds of festival foods, too.

All of the vendors have huge displays.   I like this one just for the colors.   Their BBQ is pretty good, too.   Always a crowd favorite.

butchs smack your lips

This guy figured out I was actually taking his photo.  He was pretty proud of his flaming skills.   His younger friend clearly wishes he was doing something else.

smoke on the barby

Yup.   This rootin’ tootin’ six-shot is actually a BBQ.   Ha!   Can you imagine firing that up in your backyard?

pistol drinker

This shot was one of my favorites because I was finally feeling comfortable in the crowd with my camera.  I wish the guy’s hat hadn’t put so much shade on his face but that’s kinda OK, too.  I was only a couple of feet away from him and I don’t really like to get up on people that I don’t know to take a photo.

bbq dude

This one was taken from further away and I cropped the photo to get this image.   That is a huge basket of fries covered in BBQ brisket and sauce and cheese and who knows what all.   It looked good.   She could have cared less if I was in her face taking a photo.   And, I don’t blame her.  It was lunch time!

brisket fries people

This is my son and his beloved kettle corn.  He bugged us all day for this bag of popcorn.   He was so happy.

At the point of the day, it was bright, hot and smoky from all of the cookers.   I could barely see in the viewfinder and my photos suffered at bit.   I do like the lens flare that happened as a result but I wish I had gotten the focus sharper.

kettlecorn kid

My son and I love the fresh, squeezed lemonade.  Six stinkin’ dollars a cup … but oooooh soooo good.   Good through the blur-kind of good!

blurry lemonade

blurry crowd

The crowds were pretty thick even early in the day so these blurry shots are appropriate, just the hustle and bustle and waiting in line.   I thought it was kind of interesting (and weird) that a lot of people carried their own lawn chairs and coolers through everything.   It seemed hot and cumbersome to me … but … whatever.

cooler chair crowd

lens flare crowd

And, finally … Last Chance Joe.   His happy, one-tooth grin is an icon on the outside of a casino which has recently been sold … so his days are numbered.   I need to get back over there for a proper photo shoot.   I bet he’s hungry for ribs, don’t you?    Possibly with a Bud.

last chance joe

8 thoughts on “Roll 33: Best in the West Rib Cook Off

    • Nice! I like your shots on that one. We get about 25 cookers every year and it changes by one or two. It costs a lot for the entry fee but, from the prices they charge, I think they do ok. $$$$


  1. Love the next to the last picture with all the sun flare, it really helps portray how hot and draining it must have been out there! Also the grill shaped like a gun is awesome. I can totally imagine how awesome it must have smelled to be there. The brisket and cheese on top of fries sounds great, here in San Diego all the Mexican takeaway places serve carne asada fries which is sour cream, cheese, and chopped up bits of steak (and guacamole if you like) on top of the fries, and it’s one of the things I’ll miss the most if/when I move out of the area.

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