Roll 34: Hike Above

The Canon SureShot 90u and roll of Fuji Superia X-tra made their way on a hike just south of Reno, Nevada.   This is a relatively new trail that the county is maintaining for the public so I thought I would force my five year old to check it out for some exercise.   He complained a bit but then I let him snap a couple of the photos because the auto on this camera is so simple that even he takes good photos with it.   We had a pretty good day.   The out and back loop of the trail is less than a mile so it was easy-peasy for everyone.

trail head

Slide Mountain is next door to Mount Rose so, if you have been following along in my posts, there are quite a few photos of both because they are the best views up at the mountains from down in Reno and Washoe Valley.   Today’s a shot at what you see looking down into the valley.

Slide Mountain is also the home of Mt. Rose Ski Resort and the trailhead is literally in the parking lot on the backside of the resort.   It’s kind of odd to be up there in the summer and not see any of the chairlifts running.   But, it is interesting to visit without snow.



The peak of Mt. Rose is 10,776 feet.   I didn’t check the elevation of our hike but I would guess we started at near 9,000.   The summit of Slide Mountain is 9,700.   I love these kinds of statistics because my mom lives on the Gulf of Mexico and her house is at 6 feet above sea level.   That seems so strange to me.


Of course, it was a smoky day when we hiked.   This is the view down into Reno and the Truckee Meadows.   If all of California could just stop burning, I’ll do this hike again just to get better photos.   However, the geography of the mountains and the valley just make for a natural pipeline and trap for the smoke from everywhere.   It is so gross.


This is Washoe Lake looking to the south from the trail toward Carson City.   More smoke.  Cough, cough.



This photo is straight to the west from the trail and shows the little community between Reno and Washoe Valley.   If you look very closely. there is a huge bridge that they just completely construction on to continue the freeway through the area.   It is massive but it really makes a difference on the commute and took all of that freeway traffic out of a small neighborhood that deserved a safer road.


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