Roll 26 – Brownie No.2 Model D – Rollei IR400 – Barcelona & Neerbosch

Roll 26 is Rollei Infrared 400 film from a Brownie No.2 Model D camera. This roll was taken partly in Barcelona and partly on a shoot after returning home to The Netherlands. Because the camera was loaded before flying to Spain, this film was sent through airport security x-ray twice which affected it. Other rolls of this same film type that were “sneaked” through using small lead-lined film boxes were not affected from the x-rays.

The first image, Barcelona From Montjuïc, was taken using a “black” N72 filter while resting the camera on a wall for a long exposure.  The last two were taken after returning home while out shooting in Nijmegen and Neerbosch.

Kodak Brownie No 2 Model D Camera

Camera: Kodak Brownie No.2 Model D
Film: Rollei Infrared 400 with and without a filter
Process: D76 Developer Full Strength

Barcelona From Montjuïc


Stonecold In Neerbosch

Stonecold In Neerbosch

6 thoughts on “Roll 26 – Brownie No.2 Model D – Rollei IR400 – Barcelona & Neerbosch

    • Thanks, Peter. Frankly, I think this roll was 1/2-1 stop dark. Features in the shadow are barely on the edge. In general, I find this film somewhat difficult to work with however when the results come out as anticipated they can’t be matched…I just ordered 25 more rolls!


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