Roll 35: Hike Above the Other Side

The EXA went hiking with me again.   I bought a new strap for it and, now, it is so much more comfortable to tote around all day.   Watch out, folks, I armed and dangerous now!   Again, I shot on Kodak Ektar 100.    And, if you saw my last hiking post, you’ll notice that this is from the other side of the valley on a clearer day.   You can see where we hiked from these photos and, maybe, pick out this spot from the other ones in the smoke.   Now, you can feel like you ‘virtually’ saw the valley, if you’ve never been to this part of Northern Nevada.

This is Washoe Lake.   The drought is killing us here.   It’s not a terribly deep lake on a good year, usually just a few feet or so but you can see from this photo just how much the waterline has receded this season.   It varies quite a bit from year to year.    That’s Slide Mountain in the background and you can see the scar from the big landslide that happened in 1988.   A huge chunk of the mountain just fell off one day.


Today, we are hiking up a short trail to a gazebo with a view of the entire valley.    Maybe just a little more than a mile out and back but it is pretty steep.   The reward is good, though.


I really like the colors that came out in this next shot.   No adjustments, just the way it was scanned by my processor, The Darkroom.


The gazebo.   Aaaah.   Rest awaits.


A different angle from inside the gazebo.


And, down into the other side of the valley … I can see my house from here!


10 thoughts on “Roll 35: Hike Above the Other Side

  1. Your other cameras must give EXA a little jaundiced eye when you come back from these hikes. Love the third one, with the great colors. Well they all have great colors (we don’t get that blue sky here very often).


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