Week 36 – Olympus XA and Agfa Vista 200

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a spontaneous trip to New Orleans where we honeymooned last year. I took along the Olympus XA with Agfa Vista 200. In retrospect, 400 would have been a better speed because the 200 was just too slow for interiors. We had a great time and I still got some nice shots from the XA.

St. James Hotel Courtyard

St. James Hotel Courtyard

French Quarter

French Quarter

Commerce Restaurant, New Orleans

Commerce Restaurant, New Orleans

More week 36 at my Flickr page.

11 thoughts on “Week 36 – Olympus XA and Agfa Vista 200

  1. I keep telling myself that I don’t need one of these, but then everytime I turn around, I see these wonderful shots from this little camera that you can just throw in your pocket and take it anywhere…


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