Roll 36: Drive-In Movies

There has been a song playing on the radio lately called “Drive-In Movies” by Ray Lamontange that is continually stuck in my head.   And, it is making me want to visit the drive-in here in town.   I haven’t been there in decades but I would like to go again.   My husband differs in opinion.   The theater is in a less-than-desirable part of town and doesn’t exactly attract friendly crowds sooooo … it might be a while before I talk him into this.    In the meantime, I drove by there while running a work errand and snapped a few photos.   It has been updated to HD but I’m not really sure how it works.   Do you just listen through your car stereo now?   Anyone out there want to go with me?

el rancho screen

It’s silly but I like this shot of the fence.   Patterns.   Go figure.

el rancho fence

Let’s all go to the snack bar … and get ourselves a treat!   (Please tell me that you remember that song?)

elrancho lot

These photos were shot on the Canon Sureshot 90u with Fuji Superia X-tra 400 film.

9 thoughts on “Roll 36: Drive-In Movies

  1. It probably works like the drive-in that we have south of Dallas. They have the old fashion speaker boxes that you can hang on your window or the theater plays the movies sound on a FM frequency, so you can tune your car radio to that station and listen to the movie, makes for great sound (and the need to jump your car after a double feature!)

    Hope your husband changes his mind and y’all decide to go. Hate to hear that a disappearing experience of America’s past is being ruined by a bad crowd…


    • The ‘season’ here is winding down so I might have to wait until next summer. I miss the old speakers that hang on the window … and the heaters that ran off of the cigarette lighter.


  2. We have a drive-in here in Newberg, Oregon, and you play the sound through a radio. We bought a boom box type of radio to use for this purpose. I miss the old speakers. The drive-in here is very popular and the cars line up an hour before the drive-in even opens. It’s almost like a tail gate party. They recently updated to digital, which i think is kind of sad, but I guess they had to so they could still operate.
    Love your photos of a time which is lost to most people


    • I think that’s what they do here. The chain that owns it has a Facebook page and they post photos all of the time. It seems like a lot of people bring lawn chairs and coolers. It would be a fun group date with friends. p.s. I love Oregon. 🙂


  3. The drive-in is such a relic from the past. When I was a kid growing up in San Francisco in the Sixties, we used to visit my aunt’s house in Los Altos on weekends. At night, we’d drive home on highway 101 where I loved catching glimpses of movies playing at the drive-in’s from the freeway. That, and seeing my aunt’s dog, Skip, were the highlights of those visits for me.

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