roll 40_ sheepdogs

It’s not very easy to take decent photos of moving targets in shadow and light. A couple of weeks ago we went to watch our friend’s Old English Sheepdogs try their hand(or is that feet) at sheep herding. I must point out it was with mixed results. The older dogs, especially the Mom-dog Sophia, wanted nothing to do with the sheep. She went into the ring and was more interested in what her off-spring were doing outside of the ring. She could care less about the sheep. The dogs that did the best were the young ones. They didn’t take to it right away, but after a while they got the hang of it. I spent most of my time making videos, on tape, so only got a few photos with my Olympus OM1. I used Kodak Portra 160 film.


I think the herding should be left to the Border Collies and Australian shepherds. The Old English are better just looking cute and posing for photos. Every August a group of about 10 OES and their owners walk the streets of downtown Portland and stop traffic. So many people love to have a photo taken with these cuddly balls of fluff. It’s no wonder Disney used them in the first Shaggy Dog Movies. And if you haven’t seen it, the British cult classic called “Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World” is a must for sheepdog lovers.

OES_herding_o-OM1343 OES_herding_o-OM1342 OES_herding_o-OM1338 OES_herding_o-OM1336

2 thoughts on “roll 40_ sheepdogs

  1. Jen saw two sheepdogs at the grocery yesterday. She walked by a truck that was running, looked up, and saw them. One was in the drivers seat and the other in the passenger seat.


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