Roll 43_ October Pinhole Outing

For our October outing we went back to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island with a bag of masks and our pinhole cameras.

The morning started with two of us taking public transportation to the Arbor Lodge Coffee house in North Portland on Rosa Parkway. What a charming place, great coffee and cinnamon rolls and located across the street from our MAX stop. I have been working on a series of coffee shops with my pinhole and this exposure was only 5 minutes long because of the sun streaming in the front windows. After everyone collected themselves we made our way along highway 30 to the island and our destination.

Arbor Lodge Coffe


We walked out into the field and made some images of people choosing pumpkins and posing for photos. Most of these images took about 10 seconds.



It's us


Then we decided to walk through the corn maze. On the way we did our required tree shot, at 26 seconds.  I opened my camera and ran around to the back of the tree, but it still wasn’t long enough for me to show up in the image.  Before we got to the maze we noticed a hay bale pyramid and decided to climb onto the top along with a bus load of school kids. Time for the maze and at each intersection in the maze we had to answer some questions that would point us either in the right or wrong direction. We made it to the center. Of course we had to stop for photos and because of the shade these were about 30 seconds long.

there wasn't enough time for me to run around to the back and show up in the image

there wasn’t enough time for me to run around to the back and show up in the image

on top of the hay

with school kids

Monica and Donna on hay pile

Moni and Donna on top of the pyramid

hiding in the maze

hiding in the maze

I took this, hand held, as we were walking out. If you look closely you can just make out the ghostly forms of Donna and Monica.

I took this, hand-held, as we were walking out. If you look closely you can just make out the ghostly forms of Donna and Monica.

We spent so much time at the Pumpkin Patch that we got hungry and felt it was time for lunch. We drove into a small section of N Portland called St Johns where we had lunch at Proper Eats(45 minute exposure) , took some photos on the square(13 seconds) and then dropped off our film for development at Blue Moon Camera and Machine. I used Kodak Ektar 100 in my Zero Image pinhole camera. Another great day with my pinhole photography friends, Donna and Monica.

St Johns square

Lunch at Proper Eats

Lunch at Proper Eats

8 thoughts on “Roll 43_ October Pinhole Outing

  1. We left it a little late in the season, but I was committed to visiting my first corn maze. It’s been on my life list forever. We went over to Sauve Island on Saturday in the rain and stomped through the mud for awhile. I’m definitely going to go back earlier in the season next year. At one point I realized that I’d dropped my Olympus XA and was relieved to find it sitting in a less muddy spot when I retraced my steps.


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