Roll 39: Crystal Peak Park, Verdi, NV

I’m a sucker for a good neighborhood park.   And, it makes for an easy way to explore with my family, check out some fun little, hidden spots and, of course, burn through a good roll of film.  I headed out with the Bolsey Model C and a roll of Fuji 400 35mm to revisit an old park that recently got a new facelift.   This is Crystal Peak Park in Verdi, NV.

picnic grass

The focus point was off here but I just thought the green grass looked so good. A rare treat here in dry Nevada.

I remember this park as a child.   My grandparents liked the short drive from their house to this little spot near the Truckee River in Verdi.    The park was a lot different then and had less space but I always remembered the hidden trails to benches and fun spots.   I’m glad to see that it still has some of this charm with the update.

picnic table

The focus on this next shot is not right but something that I never knew about this spot is that it is part of the Truckee Trail.   I looked up some history and found out that this is a marker for the first emigrant trail over the Sierras.   Wow.   There’s tons of good history here but I had no idea as a kid how cool this spot really is … check out more information on trail and markers HERE.

truckee trail

The park straddles the river on both sides of Interstate 80 but you don’t even really notice because of the trails and trees and water.   The park update included the addition of land on the other side of the highway that was once the Verdi Logging Company’s log ponds.   The refurbishment of the ponds to the park made for two fishing ponds that are stocked and ready for the kids to fish in all day.   We saw lots of small fish near the edges and tons of big, fat frogs!


frog pond

Remnants of an old logging company building

Purple Thistle

The walking trail meanders along the river and the remains of the Verdi Glen Resort.   It was quite the little hot spot here in the 1920s but was destroyed by a fire in 1938.    This little park is just packed with all kinds of interesting tales from the wild west.

verdi glen resort

heart stump

I see a heart. Do you?


My guys in the tunnel that goes under the highway

This ‘let’s go check that park out’ visit turned out to be a really fun day and awesome history lesson.   I can’t wait to go back for some fishing!

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