Week 42, Hopyard in Fall

Fall is such a pretty time where I live, though it varies from year to year.  Sometimes the reds are vibrant, sometimes the yellows, sometimes they are all muted, and other times we get an early snowstorm and our trees get severely damaged.  This year was a good year, not the best I’ve seen, but lots of fun for running around with color film loaded in a camera.

This particular weekend I went to a local state park, Devil’s Hopyard, where I figured there would be good leaf peeping (as we call it) opportunities.  I brought my Leitz Minolta CL fitted with the Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm/f4 lens.  This lens is well named because the colors really do pop when shooting with it.  And since it is a wide to ultra-wide lens, I thought it would be fun to play with different perspectives.

The park was crawling with people, which is (for me) kind of a turn-off.  Lots of people out shooting but many of which were taking their sweet time.  I went kind of guerrilla shooting and tried to get my shots composed and focused, quick check of the light meter, click, and move on.  I am often more deliberate, slowly moving around a shot trying slightly different positions to get it ‘just right’.  This time I just walked around and if I liked what I saw, I took a shot.  I rather like the results.  The ones near the falls I probably took about a minute longer to walk from the bottom to the top than if I was just going for a brisk hike.  I felt a little naughty like I was breaking some rule.  Or a tourist running from gallery to gallery in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (which I’ve seen first hand) trying to get as much in as possible.

I had Fuji 200 loaded in the camera, and it is not normally a great color film, just so-so, but with a fresh Jobo C-41 press kit, and the lens, I think the results are pretty nice.  Compare the colors here with my Week 43 Kodak Hawkeye colors (developed in the same tank).  For ~$1.50 a roll, the Fuji just looks a lot better IMO.

Hopyard002_sm Hopyard005_sm Hopyard006_sm Hopyard010_sm Hopyard012_sm Hopyard013_sm Hopyard016_sm Hopyard022_sm Hopyard024_sm

5 thoughts on “Week 42, Hopyard in Fall

      • Thanks to both of you. Yes, I finished a roll of Ektar with this camera/lens combo (with a couple nice shots), but the striking fall colors are past already here. The height of the color I was out shooting Provia. I might do some back woods, stone wall shots before the snow arrives.


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