PBR Sure Is Popular!

Not long ago I got my mitts on a Minolta Hi-Matic 7S. I loaded it with Kentmere 400 and headed off to downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Here are some of the highlights from my wanderings:

Seems like Pabst Blue Ribbon is popular here!

The whole roll is on Flickr in the Roll 27 album if you want to take a peek.


6 thoughts on “PBR Sure Is Popular!

  1. My grandparents drank PBR in the 70s. I tried it for the first time in the 00s. I guess my palate had been ruined by the import/craft beer thing that happened in the 90s.

    Did you like using the 7s?


    • Your palate being ruined is a good thing! There are so many interesting beers to drink I can’t figure out the appeal of that crap. Cheapness I suppose.

      I did enjoy using the 7s. It seems heavy in my hands (and around my neck) but it’s fun to use.


  2. The HiMatic 7s was my very first camera! I still own that camera although the battery is long dead the camera works wonderfully mechanically. Also PBR…had it once, never again.


  3. PBR, yuck…but I’ve had worse. Nice shots. I’ve got a 7, 7S, and a 9. Love my 9. If you were to want to use the meter I know an easy and cheap battery mod.


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