Roll 42: Back at the Park

A while back, I visited Idlewild Park here in Reno and didn’t have very good luck with the camera that I chose.   This time, I used the EXA with some Fuji 100.   If you wanna catch up, here’s the old post.   If not, you can enjoy the trees changing colors and notice how low the river and ponds are.   We are in serious drought mode.   I can’t say that I have ever seen the bottom of this pond before now.   Yikes.

autumn in the park

almost dry

autumn picnic table

I went back by the book tree but there were no offerings this time.   Library must be closed.   I did get a shot of this fellow, though.   I tried last time but managed to fubar the film in the camera at this point.   I can’t say this is my greatest photo either.   There must be some voodoo that doesn’t like photos on this totem.

wapashone totem

It turns out that I learned a bit of history on this day.   The carving is a Peter Toth sculpture and is one of over 70 all over the United States.   This one is a tribute to the Washoe-Paiute-Shoshone tribes of Nevada, the Wa-Pai-Shone.   Hmmm.   Learn something new everyday, right??

8 thoughts on “Roll 42: Back at the Park

  1. From clouds (roll 41) to sun (roll 42). I wish it was sunny with clear blue skies like those in your images where I am. (Stormy weather times on the East Coast). The carving looks great in your photograph, but it is a bit freaky and I don’t think I’d want to run into him randomly.


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