Week #35 Ireland part 1

Inge week 35_1

We went on holiday to Ireland in week 35. Normally my husband and I go on city trips, but this time we wanted to do things differently. We had only booked a plane ticket, and we had arranged with friends in Dublin we’d crash at their place the first night. They offered us their car for our road trip, and they gave us plenty of very useful travel tips. Our plan was to decide every day where we would go to. We hadn’t booked any hotels or B&Bs, and we just went with the flow. In the first week of our trip we visited Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains, which is a historic site with a cemetery, a few ruins and a lovely lake where you can go on nice walks. We also visited The Vee, Kilkenny and Cahir.

During our trip we saw some beautiful abandoned cemeteries, abbeys and churches. The cities we visited were interesting, with lots of castles and other old buildings. The Wicklow Mountains and The Vee are beautiful nature areas, with mountains, sheep and great views. I took many pictures, and you will see more of them in the next few posts….

Inge week 35_2

Inge week 35_3

Inge week 35_4Glendalough, Olympus OM-2 and Kodak Portra 400

Inge week 35_5Our B&B in Athy, Holga 120GN and Lomography Xpro slide 200

Inge week 35_6

Inge week 35_7Kilkenny, Olympus OM-2 and Kodak Portra 400

Inge week 35_8Kilkenny, Holga 120GN and Lomography Xpro slide 200

Inge week 35_9

Inge week 35_10An abandoned abbey and cemetery in the Vee, Holga 120GN and Lomography BW400

Inge week 35_11Abandoned abbey in the Vee, Olympus OM-2 and Kodak BW400CN



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