Roll 32 – The Traveling Yashica

One morning at the end of September of last year my friend Inge told me about the Traveling Yashica project. She was going to join the project and thought I might be interested too. I did a quick Google search for the camera and took a look at what would be traveling around. I thought to myself, “why on earth would anyone be excited to use this camera?” I couldn’t really see the point.

Then the time came for Inge to post her results on the blog. I was rather stunned. Soon after, my friend Brendan posted his results. Again, I was very impressed by the results from this little camera. I decided to join the project.

It took 9 months for the camera to finally make its way to me in Oregon. When I recieved it I dropped everything so I could start right away on a roll of Fuji Provia slide film. The camera arrived at a most auspicious time because it was the week of Mountain Festival, a celebration that happens in my small town to kick off the beginning of Summer. I shot some of my slide film roll at a carnival.




I had to sneak in a roll of black and white film, to see how it would look. I used Tri-x and I shot it around town and up on Mt. Hood as I was out and about.




I really enjoyed my two weeks with this wonderful little camera and can now see what all of the fuss is about. I will continue to scan Ebay to see if any are for sale, and then become depressed when I see how much they are selling for. I am very grateful to have had a chance to play with it.

Check out more about the Traveling Yashica at Hamish Gill’s 35mmc blog.

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