Week #36 Ireland part 2

Inge week 36_1

Week 36 saw us still touring through Ireland. We had made our way to the southcoast, and visited Charles Fort, several beach towns and the Ring of Kerry. Something odd happened at Charles Fort: first the back of my pinhole camera fell off mid-roll, and then my Olympus OM-2 suddenly stopped working. Since then my photography turned into a downwards spiral. But more of that later. When we drove the Ring of Kerry, which is a road along a peninsula, we had really bad weather. Nothing but rain and fog, so no pictures were taken there.

From Kerry we went up along the westcoast, visiting the Burren, a nature park which I loved! We also visited the Killorglin area and ended in Connemara in the mountains. During our trip we saw some amazing landscapes with mountains, woods and a lovely coast line. At one point we just decided to take a detour and ended up at a lake in the middle of nowhere. Not another person in sight, and the only thing we heard were birds and sheep (naturally!). It was all so very beautiful. I would really love to visit again some time.

So, what happened with my photo mojo? During my trip things started going wrong. As I wrote earlier in this post, my pinhole back fell off my camera and my Oly broke. Changing the battery on the Oly did help, but I have a feeling it somehow affected the lightmeter. It doesn’t seem to be accurate anymore. I had problems with developing my BW rolls (which you can see on some of the shots in this post), and at the moment it’s really hard to motivate myself to do photography at all. So, if you have any tips on how to get over this, please let me know! 😉

Inge week 36_2Abandoned church in the Burren

Inge week 36_3Sign in Galway, LC-A+ and homemade redscale film

Inge week 36_4Timoleague Abbey

Inge week 36_5Lifesaver in Youghal, Holga 120GN and Kodak Portra 400

Inge week 36_6River in the Killorglin area

Inge week 36_7Poulnabrone dolmen in the Burren, Holga 120PC and Rollei RPX 25

Inge week 36_8Geometrical shapes in Charles Fort

Inge week 36_9Fisherman’s nets, Olympus OM-2 and Kodak BW400CN

Inge week 36_10Renvyle beach

Inge week 36_11A boat on the beach in the Connemara area, Olympus OM-2 and Kentmere 400 (spots caused by contaminated fixer)

7 thoughts on “Week #36 Ireland part 2

  1. I love them! Seriously really love your Holga shots. I can’t say that enough. 🙂 That sucks about your photo mojo. When I get that way I force myself to take photos everyday no matter what. even if I think they suck. I think having a regular practice helps.


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