Roll 38 – bushcraft on the secret island.

For roll 38 I took my Olympus XA out hiking with me, just for fun. I have said this before, but I love that little camera so much. It has become my favorite camera, hands down (aside from my Zero 4×5). It fits so easily in my pocket and doesn’t weigh me down when I am out and about. And I always love the results I get from it. These shots were taken with Arista 100. I believe this is the first 35mm roll I stand developed in Adonal (for anyone interested). I had previously been using Diafine but I am am switching to Adonal because it’s so simple and easy and I like simple and easy.

We went hiking at one of our favorite places, the Salmon River on Mt Hood. It’s an old growth forest and during this time of year the salmon spawn here. When I am here I can feel the hum of the universe.

This hiking trail has a secret island that can be accessed at certain times of the year. When we hiked out to the island we found that someone bushcrafted some structures, a chair and some kind of shelter. It was really cool!

11 thoughts on “Roll 38 – bushcraft on the secret island.

  1. Very nice contrast in these! I’m definitely looking forward to taking my XA for a spin and trying stand development with Rodinal/Adonal/R09 myself once my mom sends out my old tank, Hewes reels, and light box that I haven’t used in about 15 years and left with her when I moved from Texas to California. Hoping the light box will be bright enough to serve as part of my “redneck film scanner” setup until I can get a proper scanner again. Did you use any agitation at the beginning, or literally just stand? Because I’ve seen a lot of people online do “semi-stand” with a little bit of agitation.


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