Double Exposure Holga

I hacked up a pair of Holgas for double exposure.   I wanted to shoot onto the same film frame, with regular exposure on one side, and redscale on the other side,…without reloading or moving the film before advancing to the next frame.    To do this, I use 220 film, because it has no paper backing.

So I removed the backs from 2 Holgas, filed down the plastic that held the backs in place, put them back to back, and gaffer taped it all shut.   Like this and this.    Because redscale exposes minus a stop or two,  I put an ND filter on the regular side to compensate.  This has worked fine in the past, but I think I need a darker one to even out the exposures more.  I had earlier results that turned out better, probably because I was using a darker one.

To use the camera, load the film, tape it all shut, and guess how far to advance the film between frames.  Actually, I found a #click/frame cheat sheet on the internet that said like “if you’re on frame 15, advance 27 clicks”.

Espressobuzz_045 Espressobuzz_046 Espressobuzz_047 Espressobuzz_048 Espressobuzz_040 Espressobuzz_042 Espressobuzz_043 Espressobuzz_044Espressobuzz_049Espressobuzz_050

You can see more shots from the camera here.

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