Week #38 The downward spiral

Inge week 38_1

In my earlier posts about my holiday in Ireland I told you how my photo mojo went missing. The holiday was great, and I took some beautiful pictures, but it also marked the start of a period of fails. Week 38 was a step further down the spiral….. I had taken my LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Neopan 400 with me when we visited friends in Maastricht, the Netherlands. They had asked us if we were interested in doing an art route. This means that artists who live close to each other all show their own work and collaborations in their own homes, and visitors can go from house to house to see what people do artistically. The weather was good, and we were excited to go. The first stop was the house of a blacksmith, who had a large workshop behind his house. We looked around, watched him work and admired his garden with some of the work he made. I walked around taking pictures. We then moved on and visited painters, sculptors and people who made interesting 3D drawings. The people were all very friendly, and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Back home I was anxious to see the results, especially those from the blacksmith. I developed my roll of film in Kodak HC-110, which was a new developer for me. I also had a new fixer, Ilford Rapid Fixer. After mixing up the chemicals and looking up the dev time I put my roll in the tank, poured in the chemicals and started agitating. When I took out the roll after the development process I noticed something was wrong. The negatives looked weird, like they were solarized. This wasn’t the case, but I did mess up the development. I probably didn’t agitate enough, and the film was underdeveloped. I felt gutted. How could this happen to me, after so many successfully developed rolls? Because I did have to show something, I selected some images that aren’t as bad looking as some of the others…..

Inge week 38_2

Inge week 38_3

At least I still have the pictures I took with my phone…..




7 thoughts on “Week #38 The downward spiral

    • Thanks Peter! Normally I just sigh, and move on. This particular period was hard for me, because it was a constant stream of fails. That makes it more difficult for me to cope.


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