Week #42 World Toy Camera Day

Inge week 42_1

Week 42 was the week of World Toy Camera Day. As a fan of toy cameras, I had to participate. I took my Diana F+ loaded with Fomapan 200 and my Holga 120GN loaded with Agfa CR200 on a walk in Rotterdam. The weather was lovely, and I wanted to explore some new territory. I walked towards the Maas, but took a route I had never taken before. While walking, I saw some very nice streets and buildings and I always enjoy the view over the river Maas. On my way home I walked through the posh area of Kralingen and stopped at the Wagner villas to take a closer look. They are beautiful houses in art nouveau style, all named after Wagner operas. I would love to photograph them more closely, but I doubt that’s going to happen….

Inge week 42_2

Inge week 42_3

Inge week 42_4

Inge week 42_5

Inge week 42_6

Inge week 42_7

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