roll 49- books

I run by the motto “you can never have too many books” or shoes, for that matter. Luckily, at home, we have many places to house both although I think some may have to find new homes. I grew up surrounded by books and I still prefer the feel, smell and sight of a printed page.

I took these photos in my house of a few of the places I store books. All photos were taken with my Zero Image pinhole camera and Ilford b&w film, ISO 100, long exposures.

Hallway_library_pinhole107-2 Hallway_library_pinhole108-2 liv_room_library_pinhole109-2



4 thoughts on “roll 49- books

  1. yeah…my future home will look like this. Lots of books on the wall along with all the photos I’ve printed and recieved!


  2. Very nice, love a big row of books, feels comforting somehow. At some point I need to get cracking on a home project to build more bookcases, as many of my books are in bankers boxes.


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