roll 50_ it’s a capitol Christmas

I travel to Salem once a month for a meeting with a group called British Travel Friends.  We share our stories and photos of travel to Great Britain. recently I had extra time in salem so stopped in at Oregon’s State Capitol and was happily surprised to arrive in the middle of the Christmas program.

I took these photos with my Zero Image pinhole camera. Most exposures were around 20 minutes with Kodak Ektar 100 film.

For those of you who celebrate, “Merry Christmas” and for those that don’t, “Happy Holidays”.

I have a few more rolls to go and some old rolls to develop before this 52 rolls experience comes to an end for me. Capitol Christm,as Capitol Chrtistmas Capitol Christmas Capitol Christmas I have really enjoyed it and only until I injured my back was it difficult to reach the goal of one roll/week.

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