Roll 52 – Around town with the Holga

For my last roll of the year I decided to load up the Holga with Tri-x and walk around town on a rainy day. Here are some shots made in Sandy and Boring, Oregon.

I had a really fun time with this project! I so very much enjoyed getting to know all of you and making friends. I enjoyed your photography immensely. I will continue to follow this blog but I won’t continue the project next year. While enjoyable, I also found it very challenging. I would like to use the extra time to give my own blog some more love this next year. If you would like to keep in touch you can follow me on my personal blog, Blatherskite.

Happy new year, all!

9 thoughts on “Roll 52 – Around town with the Holga

  1. It’s been a fun year! Look forward to following your photos on your own blog. I like the ‘Early Morning Tree’ shot. I got a Holga for Christmas, so will be out shooting with it in the coming year as well.


  2. Great end to a great year! The Holga look definitely goes well with rainy days, makes me almost want to get one just because it’s so simple I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet.


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