52rolls 2015 Introduction – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography

10320991_10100214358725629_5141677837491599780_o(Photo by Todd Graham of Todd Graham Media)

My Name is Blake Griffin and I have been shooting under UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography (UNEXPhotography) since 2007-ish. I started out primarily shooting film, and then moved to digital when I started working more professionally.
Long story short I decided around October-ish that I wanted to challenge myself in 2015. I had been in the middle of a bad lack of inspiration and wanted to get out of whatever funk I was in.
I made the decision to shoot 52 rolls of film in 2015 to get “back to the basics” and re-teach myself something about photography (and to slow down and think about things more).
After I started posting on my own website and social media network that I starting my own project, I found the 52rolls.net group and well, now here I am! I will be mainly posting to my own blog at UNEXPhotography.com/52rolls but I have an IFTTT recipe that should share here on the 52rolls blog as well.
Can’t wait to see what comes out of this next year!
Facebook: /UNEXPhotography
URL: UNEXPhotography.com

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