The 52 Rolls Five W’s of Schlem

Hey Ho!
I haven’t properly introduced myself.

I’m Todd Schlemmer and I have been an avid photographer all my life. I started with film as a kid (all the cheap consumer formats) and did some darkroom stuff in high school/college and some of the early digital Nikons, but always a film camera in the bag. When I first heard of a “camera phone”, I thought “what a stupid idea”. Now I can’t imagine not having a camera in my pocket at all times. I like the easy sharing of digital files, but I prefer film’s deliberate workflow for creative purposes.

I built a big clunky pinhole camera about six years ago and was amazed that it actually worked. I got a 3D printer a couple years ago and was looking for a design challenge and started designing 3D printable pinhole cameras. I haven’t run out of ideas yet, so I guess I’ll keep at at. Of course I have to/get to shoot them, too. 🙂

I will endeavor to shoot:

  • my (and other’s) pinhole cameras; 35mm, 120, 4×5, instant
  • Instax mini 90
  • An untested Zeiss Ikon Nettar
  • My lovely Canon FTB
  • a trusty Holga
  • An as-we-speak-being-CLA’d Canonet QL17
  • misc finds and donations.
Canonet QL17

Canonet QL17

I run a pinhole film Meetup that seems to meet once a month, in the Seattle area:
I have just started a project making pinhole portraits in the firehouse, so expect some of THAT.
I plan to set up some home film processing this winter. I have a medium quality film scanner with features that vastly exceed my technical expertise.

Anyway, I am all over the internets
twitter @theschlem

Interestingly, I don’t have a photo/camera blog set up currently, but I have signed up on tumblr. stay tuned….

Oh, and all my pinhole cameras and other 3D printing design work are freely available for download here:

That’s probably enough for now –

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