Roll 40: Going Back

I am way out of sync with my rolls for 2014, I shot over 100 and skipped some so I am going back through so I can find something that looks better after some time.

What happens to Inky Cap Mushrooms?


Inky Caps Get Inky

Farmers Market in St Louis

tents in front of ST Louis arch

Farmers Market

Family by a fence.

people waling on sidewalk by wall of grapes

Walking by Grapes

Walk in Illinois park.

photo of boy in woods

Walk in the Woods

Shot on Portra 160 NC with a Fuji GA645

13 thoughts on “Roll 40: Going Back

  1. I always thought the correct answer was inky mushrooms get fried in butter! Nice shots – especially like the last one which really shows off the camera. A Fuji GW690 has been on the market locally for a few months now. If I could afford it, I would have bought it the moment it was listed. Not sure how similar they are, but attractive for sure.


    • I had a Fuji GW690 a while ago (the first version) and the results where outstanding! The rangefinder however left a lot to be desired and what irked me the most was the sound the shutter made. Or rather not the shutter (as it’s a leaf shutter), but the mechanism to count the shutter actuations.


      • I’ve read about that moise problem. It seems lots of people disconnect the counter to good effect. The lens seems to be outstanding though. I would love to shoot one sometime.


      • My GW690 is my favorite camera. I don’t even notice the sound, maybe because each time I pull the negs out of the developing tank, I am amazed at the detail. I didn’t find any problem with the rangefinder. If I want quiet, I shoot with my Leitz-Minolta CL which is whisper quiet.


        • Maybe it’s just because i wear glasses and have a hard time with rangefinders. Also, which version do you have? I’ve heard that the later one’s have better rangefinders.


          • I believe I have the original. It is just a Fujica GW690, with “Professional”. I also wear glasses, maybe your example’s rangefinder was worse? Some of my other rangefinders (my Petri 7s and Argus C3 for example) are much worse. But I seem to take sharper pictures with my rangefinders than my TLRs or even SLRs. All of my rangefinders are almost useless in low-light except my Kodak Retina IIIc


  2. I like the GA645 because its a point and shoot and with two kids, point and shoot means I can take the shot. I would prefer a Bronica rf645 but they are out of my price range and since its manual focus I wouldn’t have a chance of getting any photos of the kids or anything else while watching them.


    • Good points about the kids. I was trying to photograph my 2 year grandaughter yesterday with a Mamiya M645 Super. She wasn’t in the mood to stay still for more than a few seconds which made it really difficult. Esp at f2.8 which was all the light and film speed had to offer.


      • The Ga645 also has a built in flash which nails exposures, I have yet to see anything overblown. The mushrooms are a bit overly flashy, but the shot in the woods is exactly right to my eyes; perfect fill flash.


        • I would not have noticed any signs of flash in that last shot, and still can’t see it even now you mentioned it. As you say, perfect fill flash. Interesting camera. Its now on my watch-out-for-a-deal list, though the kind of deal I like is probably not going to come along for 10 years or so!


        • Wow, I didn’t notice the flash on the last shot either! I do sometimes have success taking shots of the kids (almost 2 years old and 4 years old) with the Bronica ETRSi, but most of the time I switch to the Minolta Dynax 5. Precisely because of the autofocus. Maybe the Fuji would be the ideal medium format replacement for me, should I ever manage to go fully medium format.


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