TK Roll 2015–1: Cologne Grab Shots with a Minolta Riva Mini & dm ISO 200 Drugstore Film

Roll 1 was meant to start things off in the most frugal and least ambitious manner possible.

I loaded my well worn – by someone else, I’d only ever shot 10 rolls in it – Minolta Riva Mini with ISO 200 negative film from omnipresent German drugstore chain dm on January 31st of 2014. The cheapest available, 3 rolls for € 3.45. Not much thinking went into the preparation. The little that did was along the lines of “Take small automatic camera with you everywhere. Act the tourist. Use cheap film and cheap processing. See what happens.”

There would be no changing lenses, no playing with depth of field. There would be no artsy long exposures, no beautifully lit portraits, no tripods and no well-timed and meticulously set up landscapes. Total time and effort? A week’s worth of walking to work, to supermarkets and subway stops. Total cost? €7.90, including film, processing, camera, and battery.

Rolls 2 and 3 are on their way to the lab. It’s going to get more complicated, hopefully more interesting, and definitely much more expensive. But for the moment, I like to be reminded of the fact that sometimes to document the world around you with film, all you need is a tenner, room in your jacket pocket, and some time.

4 thoughts on “TK Roll 2015–1: Cologne Grab Shots with a Minolta Riva Mini & dm ISO 200 Drugstore Film

  1. It helps to have a very good eye! Perhaps not complicated or expensive, but very nice photographs. I really like 21 23 – of course the bike was red!


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