Roll 50: Rural Nevada


This photo adventure has been brought to you by the Nikon FM2 with a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film.   When the scans came back from the developer, I thought they were off and then I remembered the colors are different on slide film.   Enjoy.

Welcome to Fallon, Nevada.   It’s a charming little place with lots of old-fashioned details.   It’s a rancher community and, in wet weather years, the farms put out quite a bit of produce, believe it or not.


Maine Street.  (no typo)  I loved this slice of town.   There is a saddlery next to a tattoo shop next to an old theater.   Yes, that is a real live cowboy store that sells boots and saddles and western gear.   Then, you can get a sweet tatt before you go see “The Hobbit.”


The barber shop sign was a bit faded.   It looks like they moved across the street on the other side of the saddlery.


A touch of Christmas still remains after the New Year.   Someone put in quite a bit of work on this three story mansion.



And, don’t forget to go to the gun show.   There’s FREE BEER!   Wow.  That seems like a recipe for disaster.


This next shot makes me sad.   There’s no water this time of year for the fields normally but they are totally dry and full of tumbleweeds.   That can’t be good.


And, along the way, is Hazen.  It’s an odd little spot along the highway and I’ve always wanted to stop to figure out what the historic marker listed.    Well, how about that?   The real wild west is right here.   Yikes.


It’s totally happening here in Hazen.   Too bad the image is hazy.   Or, wait.   Maybe, that’s cool.



And, for any of the Robert Plant fans out there … this is the spot you might recognize.   It has changed a little bit but it’s one of the scenes from the video for “Big Log.”



“There is no turning back, on the run …”

17 thoughts on “Roll 50: Rural Nevada

  1. Clearly, this town has no relation to the more famous Fallon, Jimmy. I loved all of your wry commentary. My colleague, Godsend, found your observation about free beer with guns hilarious. And scary. Lastly, if I could build a gingerbread house like that, I would have it on display until July. Nice!


  2. Oh, hell yes…I remember the Big Log video, I even saw him on that tour as well. In fact, coincidentally, Led Zeppelins’ In my Time of Dying is playing as I type this on my Pandora station.

    Great photos, especially that last one.


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