Well, hello again 52Rolls. Roll 1 of 2015.

Well, here we go again. I was able to complete the 2013 52rolls project, but stumbled less than midway through 2014, only getting to roll/week 18. I’ve got a lot going on right now, family responsibilities mostly, but I’m signing up again for 2015 anyway.

Most of this roll was shot back in June of 2014, but I only finally finished it at Christmas, and finally developed and scanned it just this past weekend. So, here is my first roll of 2015.

Canon WP-1_1024

The camera I took to Bonnaroo this past year, in addition to my digital, was this waterproof Canon WP-1. It features a 32mm lens and a HUGE viewfinder. I like that I can carry it in my pack without worrying it will get wet and ruined. It’s a nifty little fully auto camera, which I bought for just under $20 with shipping from ShopGoodwill.com. I finished the roll at Christmas, but I’ve chosen to only share the vacation photos here.

Ferris 1_edited-1



Royal Teeth_edited-1


Ferris 2_edited-1


The film was Fuji Superia 400, developed by me in Jobo Press Kit C-41 chemistry, then scanned on the Epson V600.

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