Roll 4: Photographing Snow is Tough

As some of you may remember, in Roll 2 I posted pictures of the frozen Charles. I mentioned in that post that I wasn’t entirely pleased with the results. Yesterday it was snowing and I decided to try redeeming myself. I failed.

I took a walk in the Fens, and brought along a roll of Ilford Delta 100 (I figured with this much snow, it’s practically black and white already) I am not sure whether it was the time of day, the film or the fact that I shot B&W, but most of the frames have no contrast. Next time I will wait until later in the afternoon, and try and capture some more interesting light. Or perhaps I will shoot color. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on photographing snow, feel free to frop a comment below.

Anyhow, we have a blizzard on the way to Boston so I will try this again soon.

For now though, here are the couple frames from this roll that I liked (the snowman is by far my favorite, he has a great Toupée):

52-rolls-4-004 52-rolls-4-010 52-rolls-4-011 52-rolls-4-012

8 thoughts on “Roll 4: Photographing Snow is Tough

  1. I don’t have any suggestions about how to photograph snow since we get it so rarely in my part of Canada. And I am not quite sure what look you are aiming for, but I really like these shots (clicking on them to enlarge the view is really worthwhile) – especially the first and third ones. I would be very pleased to get photos like this in snow on an overcast day.


      • Hi Alex. I’m in Victora on Vancouver Island – the balmy Pacific Ocean keeps winter wet more than frozen. We have signs of spring starting with some cherry blossoms in really sheltered areas and lots of bulbs pushing out of the ground. Which probably means we are due for a snowfall pretty soon. If so probably would only stick around for a few days, if even.

        Are there any other Canadians on the 52 Rolls project?


  2. Most likely, the lack of contrast is due to the flat lighting. I’ve only shot a few rolls in the snow, but I overexpose from the meter reading by 2 stops, as well as using a yellow or orange filter.

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  3. When you meter whatever you point will be measure at middle grey, ie Zone V. Light meters are in fact grey meters. Snow should probably be represented as a highlight or lighter shade of grey.


  4. I agree. I accidentally over exposed my snow photos and they turned out lovely! It was slightly overcast here as well. And like others, I think most of the shots you’re showing are actually quite beautiful. We are our own worst critics.


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