week 3 – Panic

Mamiya M645 1000s, Porta 400, developed with Tetenal C41 Kit, Epson V600 Scanner.

On the last day of week 3 I started taking pictures, two in fact, before I became side tracked and suddenly it was 10PM and I had no time at all to take the next 13 frames. What to do? The recycling bin of course. I grabbed a couple of polystyrene sheets from some old packaging, three empty bottles of water and some flowers off the mantelpiece. Filled the bottles with water and food colouring and went from there. I could have photoshopped these to be a bit more ‘professional’, but, considering they were last minute and rather ad-hoc, I thought I’d leave them. The first image is shaped as it is because every first shot from this camera is cut off by the tape attaching the film to the backing, so I actually get 14 ½ frames per film.

7 thoughts on “week 3 – Panic

  1. I love how you just went with it – week almost over, need to do something – that’s the true creative spirit! Especially like the three bottles.


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