Week #4 G B Kershaw 110 / FP4 120 125 expired.

I found this camera in a shop around the corner from me – it took ages to get it open but when I did it was very cool looking bellows medium format camera with F11 and F16 aperture with a lens that look slick its made of plastic.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 16.54.26

CNV00001 CNV00002 CNV00003 CNV00004 CNV00005 CNV00006 CNV00007 CNV00008 CNV00009 CNV00010 CNV00011 CNV00012

The results were all up and down but we started playing with some results already.

My girlfriends much cleaner than mine.

back FRONT Mike Coloured

For my friend at https://www.youtube.com/user/munclemusic

4 thoughts on “Week #4 G B Kershaw 110 / FP4 120 125 expired.

  1. That is one soft lens! I really like the pixelated look of the interior (?) shot – what a great fusion of angular subjects and motion blur (or is it a multiple exposure).


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