Week 5 – Push it (Push it real good) – Arista EDU 400 (Push +1 Stop to 800)

via Year of Film – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography http://ift.tt/1CHBkzSIt’s funny to me how things work out sometimes. The roll that I loaded for this week actually ended up in the trash a few minutes after putting it into the camera. I realized that the film wasn’t advancing through the camera, popped open the back, and then instead of rewinding just the leader I ended up rolling the entire roll back into the canister.

After a few awkward minutes of butter-knifing I decided it was a lost cause, loaded a fresh roll, and ordered a film extractor. Then I took the first shot actual shot on the new roll.

I have this sign on my wall, it just says “Make mistakes”. Its a reminder that not every day will be perfect, and that sometimes you just have to experiment. That was what I accomplished with this roll. None of the following photos will be winning any awards any time soon for their content, but I still consider this a success because I feel I have a grasp now on pushing film during the development process. Enough yammering, onto the photos:

Week 5023.jpg

Developing Notes:
Arista EDU – 400 iso (Push +1 to 800 iso)
Recommended Development:
Rodinal 1:25 dilution
5.5 Minutes Development time at 70º
Rodinal 1:50 dilution (5ml in 250ml water)
16 Minutes Development time at 70º
Standard Fix – 4 Minutes
Used Photo Flo.

Very low contrast images (easily corrected in post), expected grain increase.

WordPress and Tumblr Visit http://ift.tt/1H0ZZR0 for gallery below:

Week 5023.jpg

Week 5027.jpg

Week 5018.jpg

Week 5019.jpg

Week 5020.jpg

Week 5025.jpg

Week 5024.jpg

Week 5026.jpg

Week 5005.jpg

Week 5006.jpg

Week 5007.jpg

Week 5008.jpg

Week 5009.jpg

Week 5010.jpg

Week 5011.jpg

Week 5012.jpg

Week 5013.jpg

Week 5014.jpg

Week 5015.jpg

Week 5016.jpg

Week 5021.jpg

Week 5022.jpg

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