Week 4 – Get thee to a nunnery

Somehow or other I messed up the developing of the HP5 i used, it was late, I may have added the fixer for 20 seconds and the stop for 3 minutes instead of the other way around. The result is that the freshly taken shots look old, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it wasn’t what I was after at all. I loaded a second roll of film, Ektar 100, and these came out ok for the most part, although as I so rarely use ISO 100 I did forget to change the ISO setting a couple of times (this is an error I seem to do every time I do use 100).

The HP5 will be at http://www.verianthomas.com but here are some of the ektar. Godstow Nunnery, Godstow Rd, Godstow, Oxford OX2 8PN. Mamiya M645 1000s, Ektar 100, Tetenal C41, Epson V600 Scanner.



9 thoughts on “Week 4 – Get thee to a nunnery

    • Very true Jim, and there’s a nice set of canal locks there I didn’t get a chance to look at as well (I went in my lunch break)


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