Friend lent me an XPan

I could shoot with this all day.  What a fun camera.

We went down to Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, and I shot 7 rolls.  Pretty easy, with a new fun toy and the fact that it shoots long frames.    So you get about 16 frames per roll.

I was shooting some Ilford HP5 I’d just bulk rolled in a nearby cafe.   I developed it at home using Diafine.

I was shooting on aperture priority.  The lens was f/4, but I was mostly shooting at f/5.6.   Out of habit, I kept on focusing using the rangefinder, but I could have just zone focused and never touched the lens, as f/5.6 puts everything from 5′ to infinity in focus.    I was also using a red filter, which made the sky nice and dark.

Because I was shooting on aperture priority, and mostly taking pictures of the sky and buildings, the exposures made silhouettes of the buildings, but I really like how they turned out.

XPan_005 XPan_006 XPan_007

XPan_010 XPan_011

XPan_012 XPan_013 XPan_014 XPan_015 XPan_001 XPan_004

These pictures are just from the first roll.  I can’t wait to scan the rest!

Hope you like them.

12 thoughts on “Friend lent me an XPan

  1. That is an awesome friend! I especially love the second and last shots, with the sky reflected in the windows of the buildings.


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