Nine from Autoboy 2


My week nine has ended so I think I will post nine images from a roll made this week, though there are others that I like on that roll. They were made with a Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii (aka Autoboy 2 and [New] Sure Shot).

Some pictures from this camera were posted in my week seven when first testing the camera when I was trying to get a good shot from a cheap plastic point and shoot to enter in a contest. I shot another roll this week, though I ended up choosing an image from the first roll to enter in the competition.

It was a glorious spring day when I took these photos. Others from this roll have already appeared on my blog here and here. My entry to Hamish Gill’s competition can be found here, though it was a week 7 roll. Check out the other submissions – there are some very good shots made with a wide range of crappy to excellent and yet cheap plastic cameras (cheap and plastic was a condition of entry).


 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.


The film is Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, expired in 2004 and exposed a bit slower than 400 – probably at ISO 320 – because the camera shoots a bit dark. Commercially processed, scanned with Epson V700 and Epson Scan software.




14 thoughts on “Nine from Autoboy 2

    • Thanks Jane – this was one of those rolls where more than half the shots worked out better than I hoped. The light is to thank I suspect, if I only shot in this light I might be satisfied more often!

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    • Thank you Verian – the last one is reflections from a very plain building across the alley. These reflections are much more interesting than the building they come off, which often seems to be the case.


  2. Thank you Peter. I am very pleased with the colours in these rolls of 10 year old expired film – I think I have one roll left from that lot. I need to try some new film of same make, together with my improved scanning techniques, to see if the colours are comparable. I am not sure they are though – previously when I have shot this film new I have not been impressed with the colours. Perhaps the lens is a factor too, but I do wonder if Fuji changed the formula along the way.


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