Redcedar Clad



I found a bit of an architectural theme on my twelfth roll of film which I started shooting a couple of months ago, and then finished off late last week. There were some nice surprises, barely remembered, from the first part of the roll. These three images are all taken in the Atrium, and relatively new building in downtown Victoria.

There are a couple of shots of another building from this same roll of film scheduled to publish on my blog at the same time as this one; you can see that post here.

I have recently posted a couple of other shots from this roll on my blog here, and here. Also, I sure do love the large negatives and how the colours are rendered on this expired Kodak Portra 160VC.

The Mamiya M645 Super is pretty much the other end of my spectrum of cameras from the tiny point and shoot I used for my roll eleven.  The way I take pictures, and look at things, when holding the M645 is totally different from a small point and shoot. It makes it totally worthwhile to get out and about with the camera, even if it is big and awkward, and the shutter (with power winder) sounds like a train passing every time I take a picture.










15 thoughts on “Redcedar Clad

    • Thanks Torsten – I am very happy with how it came out. The colour is best in that one, closest to how my eye saw it.

      It was a devil to spot out the dust on the finely ribbed cladding though; each spot had to be manually lined up perfectly, and some I could not quite get right. Lightroom just not up to that job (though in fact I find that LR5 is much poorer at choosing alignments for dust spot removal than LR4 was, I have to manually correct many of them).


  1. Never would have known about the dust removal, looks perfect now! One of these days I’ll give LR5 another go. For now, I’m invested in Aperture, until it gets killed off…


    • LR6 is imminent – perhaps it will have improved performance in this respect. I am a PC user, so have never used Aperture though I know a lot of people are upset about where it is going. Likewise, I am upset about the Adobe move towards on-line-only products – I am sure LR will next and quite soon. I do a fair bit of work off the grid and don’t want to deal with that hassle.


      • Yeah, I know… off the grid is sometimes a choice, and sometimes a necessity. Too many things these days rely on the convenient fiction that everyone has a stable internet connection at all times. I don’t know what the Aperture replacement will look like yet (also have no interest in beta testing something like that…), but I’m not happy that there will be one less alternative now. It certainly felt like they were keeping each other honest…


        • In my case, its a necessity. The field work I am in the midst of these days has a satellite connection which can be intermittent, and slow, and we try to limit the load on it as other researchers are using it too. And that is one of the better connections I have had in the past few years. Some places there is nothing.
          It seems unlike Apple to give up on something that is such a foundation to their brand. Maybe they have something incubating that will be better. Or maybe they are losing their way, there are other signs of that.

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    • Thanks jeaninelu. It is one of the more interesting new buildings here – most of them are very conservative and dull, but this one is great inside, and not bad outside.


    • Thanks Peter. I have yet to learn how different film renders different subject so I appreciate this comment as a reminder on that front. I suppose I need to be a bit more systematic about that side of things, and perhaps shoot less expired film so I get repeatable results.

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