Week 11: tlf: March 12-18, 2015

I’m behind in posting, and in shooting – arrrgh! I >have< been making photos, commercial portraits and trying out a new digital camera that I might yet buy. But, that means I’ve not getting as much film shot as I wanted. I >will< catch up. Anyway, for this week a few weeks ago, there was a visit to the Museum of Wisconsin Art for an exhibition of photos of “polka culture”, accompanied by a life polka party; seeing a friend’s band play out at a local bar; catching a runner in action on Milwaukee’s Riverwalk; coffee with Deni Storm, a really nice and totally talented photographer; going out for karaoke at a local English bar; and going out for happy-hour with a comicbook buddy (who makes an appearance in this documentary that I started, but have yet to finish).

2 thoughts on “Week 11: tlf: March 12-18, 2015

  1. Nice! I grew up in Wisconsin as a kid, and I miss the constant exposure to polka music, the constant mention of “fish fry” (even though I didn’t like fish back then), and the availability of fresh cheese curds. We do have bratwurst in California at least, but even that doesn’t seem quite the same as back in the day.


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