Fuji645w60 at the Georgetown Steam Plant

Playing around with the Fuji645 I got.  The steam plant is open every 2nd saturday, and its a bunch of fun to shoot.  Lots of old machinery, and big windows to let light in.

I was mostly zone focusing with this camera, and shooting at f/5.6 or f/8, on a tripod, mostly.  Being a shallow DOF junkie, I missed doing that with this camera, but it’s SO light and small for being medium format.

Good times, and a great place to expose some film.

I’ll definitely go back.

I got the film developed at Panda Labs in Seattle, which is a great lab, and has a 1 or 2 day turnaround.  But now Citizen’s Photo is back open in Portland after their move to a new building……….and Blue Moon Camera in Portland is a great lab too.

Fuji645w60_004 Fuji645w60_005 Fuji645w60_007 Fuji645w60_008 Fuji645w60_009 Fuji645w60_010 Fuji645w60_012 Fuji645w60_014b Fuji645w60_015 Fuji645w60_016 Fuji645w60_018 Fuji645w60_019 Fuji645w60_020 Fuji645w60_021 Fuji645w60_022 Fuji645w60_002

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