Roll 15-15: Other Endeavors

This roll goes back a bit so it must have been in a camera for a while.

I build things when I am not taking care of my kids and messing with photography, so I have a shop in front of our house and its a mess.  Here is a picture of my snow covered vehicle indoors which is funny because it doesn’t snow inside.   Ba-dump!

Indoor snow

Indoor snow

I spent nearly a year working on a project for a friends business and finally got to deliver it earlier this year. I cant tell you what it is but there are two of them. They are big, heavy and time consuming.



So happy to have the things out of my shop!

Delivery - out!

Delivery – out!

Also had this portrait on the roll.

Kiddo portrait

Kiddo portrait

Its Kentmere 400 film and I only know that I used a flash, so it was probably a Nikon of some kind but it could have been a Canon A1, dunno.

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