Week 12/13/14 tlf: March 19-April 8, 2015

This past month it has been hard, as a working photographer and busy Milwaukee socialite 😉 to get all my film shot. I finally got some two rolls shot, processed, and scanned. I am going to renew my efforts to get properly on schedule. Week 15 is at the lab now, and Week 16 >WILL< be shot by the end of Wednesday!

Brief captions…

Deni Storm and her daughter at the WorldWide Instagram Meetup MKE (shot with Leica M6ttl and a pinhole body-cap!), coffee with Jessica, Mitch at the window, a model at a Tim Burton-inspired drawing/burlesque event, my karaoke friends at the last night of our favorite singing establishment (before it changed to new owners ,and karaoke night got bumped), at the70th birthday party of a prominent commercial photographer whom I assisted in years past.

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