Week 16 – Half Frame Fun!

I am a (proud) member of a film photography collective that often posts camera reviews.  Recently, there were several articles on half frame cameras, something I had never heard of before.  As I read, I became more and more obsessed with the idea of being able to make diptychs in-camera rather than trying to stitch them together with the computer or (even worse) dry mount two photographs on the same piece of board & have them look perfect (precision with a ruler is not my forte). This is, of course, fairly ridiculous, since I have only once in my life made a diptych, and it wasn’t entirely intentional.  I figured if the price was right – aka cheap – then it was ok to treat myself to a new creative tool.  As luck would have it, ebay treated me to a near mint condition Olympus Pen F with a 38mm 1.8 lens.

So far I have only managed to put a test roll through it, but I am absolutely delighted with the results and can’t wait to take it out for realz.  Here are the highlights (it was a very short roll). I made exposures in a variety of lighting conditions & am pleased with the performance of the lens; it’s a pleasant surprise since I had no idea how sharp / detailed such tiny negatives would be.  The one closeup is a bit soft, but I think that is probably my fault for messing up the focus.

Tri-X and D76.

11 thoughts on “Week 16 – Half Frame Fun!

  1. My Pen is loaded but I have not shot any of it, even though I loaded it in July last year. Set it aside and forgot. Now you have reminded me I must get it back into action. Your multitychs (for want of a better word, did I mix Greek and Latin by any chance?) are really nice – with people in them. I mostly shoot static subjects, though one of my favourites has people, now that I think of it.
    I too am jealous of the Pen F, the lenses for that model are very nice indeed.

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