Week 15 – take a seat

I went to the park (Jephson Gardens – Leamington Spa) and used a whole roll without getting up from the park bench I’d plonked myself down upon. There was one occasion when I really wanted to move closer as a there was a model in a funky dress being photographed but I stuck by my self imposed rules and stayed where I was. Th photos were taken with a Mamiya C220 loaded with Lomo Lady Grey film (and on a few the symbols from the backing paper showed up again, when I run out of lomo 120 I won’t be buying any more). Developed in Rodinal.

2 thoughts on “Week 15 – take a seat

  1. You chose your bench very well!

    Is there a problem with the degradation of the red film in the window for reading numbers (I assume this is the arrangement) or in the opacity of the backing paper? Annoying problem either way.


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