Polaroid for Worldwide Pinhole Day

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-002Pos035 SmallSpotted

Today being Worldwide Pinhole Day I am posting some Polaroid pinholes as my week 16 contribution. These are totally out of sequence for what I actually shot on film; but one must honour these special photography days where possible, right? I wanted to make sure I could could get useable exposures with the Fujifilm FP-100C so mid-week made these pinholes with the Polaroid microscope attachment I adapted a month or two ago. I had been having a lot of trouble with exposures using the FP-3000B and so wanted to see what the colour film was like, and how extreme the colour shifts are.

These shots were taken at Point No Point on the south west shore of Vancouver Island just as the morning sun was shining onto the ocean through gaps in the trees (middle picture). There were endless large waves breaking on the rocky shore. The pinhole exposure times won’t capture the waves, but I do like the smoothing of the ocean, and the blue colour shift is pretty wonderful.

The best exposure was made on the darker parts of the ocean, a full f-stop longer (8 seconds) than the incident light exposure reading. So, today I will be doubling the meter readings, as a starting point anyway. I will be posting more pinholes, taken today, over at burntembers.com so come by in a few hours (if you are reading this shortly after posting, I will likely be asleep, and it will still be Saturday here). That is the great thing about Polaroid – it is “instant”, other than scanning time and a few details like that.

These pictures were taken earlier in the week when I was on a road trip with an “internet friend” I met through photo blogging. Melinda Green Harvey doesn’t shoot film, but I am sure many of you would like her excellent photos, most of which are black and white and often feature the rural decay and flat horizons of west Texas where she lives.

If you are interested in the camera, check out my post Making a Polaroid Pinhole Camera.

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-001Pos034 SmallSpotted

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-003Pos036 SmallSpotted

8 thoughts on “Polaroid for Worldwide Pinhole Day

  1. Reblogged this on burnt embers and commented:

    My week 16 post at 52Rolls.net has pinhole photographs from earlier in the week taken at Point No Point out the Vancouver Island coast past Sooke. Today is Worldwide Pinhole Day and I will be taking a few more shots today to mark the ‘event’. I hope to have time to scan and post them during the day, but if not, will do so tomorrow.


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