Pentax67 in the abandoned greenhouses

This if from the same trip as last time, hope that’s not violating the terms of this blog, but these were shot with a different camera.

This camera has the 105mm f/2.4 lens. (I think that’s right)  Its a great way to shoot shallow DOF, although it is heavy & large.

We shot for some hours, then went on to some other interesting sites.  Exhausting day.

Espressobuzz_007 Espressobuzz_008 Espressobuzz_009 Espressobuzz_010 Espressobuzz_011 Espressobuzz_012 Espressobuzz_015 Espressobuzz_016 Espressobuzz_017 Espressobuzz_018 Espressobuzz_019 Espressobuzz_021 Espressobuzz_022 Espressobuzz_023 Espressobuzz_025 Espressobuzz_055 Espressobuzz_056 Espressobuzz_059 Espressobuzz_060 Espressobuzz_061 Espressobuzz_062 Espressobuzz_066 Espressobuzz_067 Espressobuzz_068 Espressobuzz_006

5 thoughts on “Pentax67 in the abandoned greenhouses

  1. Beautiful work! I can’t wait to get my Koni-Omega Rapid up and running to try out the 6×7 format with a 180mm lens! What film did you use here?


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