Keep the Vermin Out



I took these pictures as a result of being so well organised that I arrived at my dentist an hour early for an appointment. There is a mall across the street with a very good book store, so naturally I knew how to kill an hour, especially with a camera on my person.

Today’s shots are from the façade of a major retail chain that tried to make it in Canada, and failed within a couple of years. They bought an old and well established Canadian retailer, redid all their stores and many more spaces besides. But, they could not figure out why Canadians weren’t flocking to yet another American retailer trying to change the face of our commerce at the expense of local businesses, though they are not the first to have this experience. The real shame is the loss of all those jobs, even if poorly paid, all over the country. I expect something will fill the empty spaces in the malls, but until then, we have more unemployed and this ugly façade. Not to mention rat poison containers to keep the vermin out.

This is week 18 for my first year on the 52Rolls project. I have published some other photos from this roll on my blog (here) which are of a woman doing yoga on a storm drain that I photograph all the time. I was very pleased to have a camera and film in my pocket when I came across that scene. In fact, that scene spilled over onto my week 19 roll, which is scanned but not dust spotted fully.

These are shot with an Olympus mjuii (or Stylus Epic in this market). After quite a few rolls of film I am coming to like this camera. I think I still prefer the Olympus XA and XA2 for the beauty and simplicity of their design, and they take just as good pictures. But the mjuii does take very nice pictures in most circumstances, especially if you remember to turn the flash off. Now, if only there were an easy way to over-ride the ISO setting or otherwise influence the exposure reading, then I would be even happier with it.



 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.



The film is expired (ca 2004) Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, commercially processed, scanned with Epson V700 and Epson Scan software, edited in Lightroom.




14 thoughts on “Keep the Vermin Out

    • Thanks Peter. Stop sign red might mean halt to the masses? When they were about to hang the signs up on this wall I was also at my dentist office and took a picture with my cell phone – my second ever shot with a phone (being a late adopter). So, the colour has attracted me, at least without the logos hanging on it.

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    • Hi Ashoke – thanks for the comment! The vermin control box of some nasty poisons was right under the red wall, so it seemed necessary to include it in this sequence. A couple of weeks later I saw another of these boxes in a carpark and was about to photograph it when I was run out of there by the security guard.


  1. My exact thoughts on the mju II. I sold mine a while back but now I want one again as I just had my last roll from it developed. It was a roll of slide film and it’s just stunning!


      • As my budget for photography is almost used up this month I’ll just get a mju I for now. It’s a tiny bit bigger and actually feels a bit better to hold. It also doesn’t cost as much as the mju II. Still, I will get a mju II again sooner or later.


        • I bought one of those but could never get it to work – no film advance. It was only $1 so not a big loss. I know people like them quite a bit though.


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