Week 18 – Half Frame adventures continue

Over the course of a week I had some interesting times with my Olympus Pen F.  I finally got myself out to use it for real – having only done a test roll before that – and had so much fun.  I went to one of my favorite places, a kind of outdoor urban art gallery made from the remains of some building project that never happened.  It’s covered in beautiful graffiti, and I’m not certain what the rules are but it’s heavily used, heavily visited, and just about the entire surface changes on a weekly basis, so it’s always new!  I didn’t use up the whole roll there, so I made a lot of fun pictures of my family, too.

When I processed the roll, to my shock and horror there were only about 12 images.  I was expecting 48.  You know that terrible empty feeling when you lose images?  I’m still not really over it.  Apparently the camera didn’t register the end of the roll, so I just keep shooting on the last frame over and over, for days.  GAH.  I immediately loaded it back up and made another test roll around the house; the camera registered the end at what I figured was about the right spot (I never know how long my rolls are, since I make them myself haha).  The next day I went back to the graffit wall, and of course most of what I had photographed before was gone:  covered up either by scribbles (argh) or loveliness.

Well, when I processed those rolls, I discovered I had been a bit gun shy and ended up wasting a TON of film, but hey at least my images were all there.  So I’m still working on the camera, but problems or not I absolutely love it and find it a thrill to use.  One of the things I did was look at the writing, and it spoke to me in little inspirational messages like these 

I made some images of the place itself, and the people I found there


(The first panoramic, & the one of the eyes are from my first visit)

This was also from the roll that I lost most of.  It’s so hideously dusty that I didn’t even try to clean it up, but I like the image so here it is anyway.

All with tri-x, as usual.  There will be lots more of this!

11 thoughts on “Week 18 – Half Frame adventures continue

  1. It’s great that you’re having fun with your new camera. I would have loved to see the graffiti in color (I’m on a slide film trip, right now) but the panoramas are great “even” in BW. 😉

    BTW, I took the liberty to make the images a bit bigger. I hope you don’t mind.

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    • Thanks Urban : ) I did get some color shots too, because you’re right – it’s crazy vibrant. Those weren’t with this camera tho. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go there again & get some half frame color hmmmm. . . .


  2. Reblogged this on what if? and commented:
    Hi everybody,

    this is a new format for our blog. Since I have been working with graffitiy myself for the art work “They speak in layered….” to which I introduced you a while ago, I would like to feature amyjasek’s blog post on 52rolls.net. Enjoy,


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